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Wow, we thought Georgina was a nasty little celebrity slut, but she has nothing on the star of TVs ‘teen mom’, Farrah Abraham, who has a sextape featuring her and a huge donkey-dicked guy in which she wanks, sucks, and fucks him, before letting him slide his monster trouser snake in her ass where he gives her one hell of an anal fucking. Check out the very naughty farrah abraham sex tape and the explicit for some cum spurting fun ;)

This teen celebrity slut takes being in front of the camera for a crowd to a whole new level!

Well they don’t come much bigger than kim, and thanks to her now public kim kardashian video, we can see they don’t cum much harder either – Kim just loves the cock, and when it’s the length and girth the size of her then boyfriend it’s no surprise. Watch her wrap BOTH hands around his weapon and STILL manage to give him a mean blowjob while she’s at it – this is one celebrity sex tape that you do not want to miss! With Georgina being the self-confessed slut she is, and getting off on porn, you can pretty much bet your next wank that she has seen kim sucking and fucking on her home tape, so get on over and get your eyeful too ;)

I’m guessing Georgina, what with her proclivities for lesbian strapon sex and all things fetishy, would (if she already hasn’t) quite like one of my all time favorite sites out there – the outstanding Sexcam site that has the wonderful internet name, and free it most certainly is (though it has the option to tip if you so desire, which brings many an advantage, though I like to keep those to myself as I’m a selfish fucker ;) ). Full of every fetish and body type you can think of, these ladies leave *nothing* to the imagination, so if you have a penchant for dirty women who love being exhibitionists, head on over and have yourself one hell of a good time – I do daily, and it works way better than an apple at keeping the doctor away ;)

Georgina Baillie Fucked By Strapon Some more screengrabs of Georgina Baillie Fucked By a Strapon have gone up.

The self-proclaimed ‘Satranic Slut’ cavorts with another nude babe before having her pussy sucked by the dominatrix, who then fucks her hole with a strapon, before ordering the two to get into the 69 position for more clit-licking sex play.

Georgina Baillie Strapon

Congratulations to the British tabloids on finally picking up on the fact that Georgina Baillie aka Voluptua from the Satanic Sluts has done hardcore lesbian porn. It’s only been plastered all over the internet for the last 3 days, with This Site having the Georgina Baillie porn tape that is now on everyone’s lips. Pun intended. Oh, and investigative journalism at it’s best…. Wonder if there’ll be such an outcry over the ‘ordeal’ Georgina has suffered now it’s finally common knowledge she is a porn movie star – probably not. Once the great British public have a moral lynchmob mentality all nice and collectively spewed forth, history tells us that this piece of news will be ignored – after all, if it wasn’t for those nasty pranksters Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand, no-one would have known she did hardcore porn, would they now. Cynical? Moi?

Georgina Baillie Dominatrix Credit crunch, hunger, poverty, homelessness, global warming, the price of fish – all these pale into insignificance next to he UK hottest story of the week. Yes, the Georgina Baillie fiasco is still runing riot, and hot on the heels of her hardcore lesbian bondage movie comes the news that she is a 200-dollar an hour hooker.

After complaining of being ‘humiliated’ by the fact it was blurted out on national radio by Jonathon Ross that co-presenter Russell Brand had ‘fucked’ her, it turns out Ms Baillie, working under the name Mistress Voluptua, earns £110 ($200) an hour humiliating punters in her ‘fully equipped’ dungeon. The poor Ms Baillie ekes out a hard-earned income, no doubt tax-declared and all, by smearing herself in peanut butter, and whipping guys bare buttoks while deriding the size of their penises. Oh for an easier life flipping burgers at 10 bucks an hour.

Georgina Baillie Satanic Sluts

Don’t they look fabulous? Hmm you’re right, they don’t really.

So far it’s been all about the tabloids, and the smarmy Daily Mail, as far as the whole Georgina Baillie, Andrew Sachs, Radio 2, Jonathon Ross, and Russell Brand thing. Interesting then to see a highbrow paper, namely The Times, get in on the act with a quite funny article on the whole sorry debacle. I suspect this is how the majority of the UK public feel on the matter, rather than the 30,000 who complained only when they read the story in the gutter press and felt sufficiently morally outraged to then complain.

Article Here

Georgina Baillie Bondage Breaking news…. Released onto the webbernet as of about 20 minutes ago (11.15 GMT), the video everyone has been discussing is now online. The screengrabs were released yesterday, but now the full video is live, and this is the reason behind the whole furore – This sensational footage shows the gothic burlesque beauty sharing suck duties on a plastic prick, indulging in oral sex – including a raunchy 69 licking – and even being done with a huge strap-on after she begs to get fucked! Grandad will be soooooo proud….

The full movie is worth a look for the car-crash factor alone, but be warned, it is VERY explicit, and Georgina really gets into having that strapon rammed into her from behind.

Georgina Baillie Strapon

The site blurb is thus: “Check out the goth babe who cost Russell Brand his job! Former Russell Brand squeeze, granddaughter of Andrew Sachs and the girl at the centre of Brand’s phone prank controversy, Georgina Baillie aka Voluptua, stars in this exclusive sex video. See Georgina getting kinky with two of her hot girlfriends!”

Click Here To Download (18+ only)

As the Georgina Baillie spin-machine gets under way, we are pleased to tell you we have found hardcore acts by Georgina on a male pornstar that are due to appear on a website near you in a matter of days. In the scene Georgina watches the guy strip naked, before having him get on all fours while she performs the very same ‘intimate fondling’ on him as Jonathon Ross & Russell Brand hinted they would perform on her Grandfather, TV actor Andrew Sachs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Georgina’s MySpace or Bebo page, whichever inanely boring one it is (a promo page for her ‘band’ Satanic Sluts), has strangely gone all chaste & ladylike. Gone are the near-nude pics, and proclamations of how happy she is being a Satanic Slut and a swinger, in are the ‘hello it’s so very sweet of you all to look at my page’, and ‘I am in a loving relationship’ toe-curlers.

Doesn’t it suck when publicity seeking attention whores get bitten on the ass…

Ok, so it doesn’t, but it’s mighty fun to watch :D

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