Georgina Baillie Hardcore

As the Georgina Baillie spin-machine gets under way, we are pleased to tell you we have found hardcore acts by Georgina on a male pornstar that are due to appear on a website near you in a matter of days. In the scene Georgina watches the guy strip naked, before having him get on all fours while she performs the very same ‘intimate fondling’ on him as Jonathon Ross & Russell Brand hinted they would perform on her Grandfather, TV actor Andrew Sachs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Georgina’s MySpace or Bebo page, whichever inanely boring one it is (a promo page for her ‘band’ Satanic Sluts), has strangely gone all chaste & ladylike. Gone are the near-nude pics, and proclamations of how happy she is being a Satanic Slut and a swinger, in are the ‘hello it’s so very sweet of you all to look at my page’, and ‘I am in a loving relationship’ toe-curlers.

Doesn’t it suck when publicity seeking attention whores get bitten on the ass…

Ok, so it doesn’t, but it’s mighty fun to watch 😀